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Hwam Stove Brochure

Hwam range of contemporary wood burning free standing and insert stoves. Also includes dimensions, technical specs, floor plates, fireplace accessories and details of the fresh air system

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Hwam Collection New 2014 Models

Hwam Collection New 2014 Models including Autopilot and Autopilot IHS

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Wiking Brochure 2013

Including the Wiking Miro, Volcanic, Nordic and Optic range of wood burning stoves.

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Everything but the Stove

The complete range of Euroheat fireplace accessories. The range includes companion sets, log baskets, axes, hatchets, moisture meters, log stores and ash vacuums.

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Rika Brochure

Rika range of log burning and pellet stoves and log burning and pellet boilers

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Fabbri Brochure & Price

Fabbri wood burning space heaters for workshop and factories brochure and price list

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Biomass Boilers

Lohberger Range Cookers

Cookers for professionals and the home

The range cookers made by Lohberger are very much designed to be the heart of a modern kitchen. They have exceptional build quality and offer a range of oven sizes, both in the home and professional kitchens.

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Euroheat Energy Cabins

The range of Euroheat Energy cabins provide the very best biomass solutions from the countries leading experts. Purpose designed, they provide an innovative and efficient ready made boiler room. Each cabin is fully fitted with an HDG or SHT biomass boiler, accumulator, energy storage and all associated electrical and hydraulic connections. They are also available in a variety of finishes to suit most site requirements, from standard pre-insulated panels, to natural wood cladding and even green living-walls.

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Wood Biomass Heating for the Home

The Complete Guide Wood Biomass Heating for the Home

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Biomass for Larger Homes

The perfect alternative to fossil fuels.

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Biomass Heating Commercial Applications

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RHI Explained

We make the the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive easier to understand, and include some example senarios and figures.

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SHT TDA Thermodual Brochure

SHT TDA Thermodual dual pellet and log boiler combined brochure

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HDG Log Boiler Range

The HDG Split Log Boiler Range Brochure, which includes the Navora, Euro, Turbotec including Technical Data and Dimensions

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HDG Compact 25-80kW

HDG Compact Wood Chip and Wood Pellet Boilers 25-80kW Boiler Brochure

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HDG Compact 100 200

HDG Compact wood chip, wood shaving, wood pellet boilers 100-190kW boilers. Includes technical data and dimensions.

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HDG M300, M350 and M400

With the HDG M300 299kW, M350 350kW and the M400 400kW we make biomass heating on a large scale possible.

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