Introduction to Multifuel wood, coal stoves and boilers

Both the Franco Belge and Nestor Martin range of multifuel stoves utilize the latest in burning technology in order to burn two commercially available solid fuels, smokeless coal and dry seasoned wood, efficiently and cleanly. The multifuel range gives you the freedom to choose your preferred fuel and the versatility to switch to another fuel if necessary. Your heating needs may also change from day to day, you might want to use smokeless coal for long, unattended burning simply for heating and use wood for those dark winter afternoons when the visual interest of the burning logs is almost as important as the heat itself.

Both the Nestor Martin and Franco Belge multifuel range of stoves which are as efficient at burning either type of fuel, leaving you free to enjoy the warmth and marvel at how little fuel you actually need in order to run your stove.