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  • Euroheat Stove and Cooker Catalogue 36

    Including Franco Belge, Hwam, Lohberger, Nestor Martin, Rika and Wiking Wood burning stoves and stove accessories.

Rika Log and Pellet Burning Stoves

Rika has been pursuing research and development in the field of stoves for over 20 years and plays a pioneering role in the development of wood technology from it's headquarters in Austria's Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen region. Since as long ago as the 16th century, the area has been famous for the skill of it's population in handling all kinds of metal. The final touch to Rika products is still done by hand, just as it was over 100 years ago.

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a roaring wood fire. With Rika, you also get high efficiency, aesthetic design and one of the finest crafted stoves available. We have a wide variety of stove styles and fuel types to choose from.

RLS Comfort

The comfortable one hand operation allows easy manual operation of the Rika system. One simple manual operation is all that is needed to control the air distribution on the stove during each combustion phase.

Rikatronic - automatic control

Rikatronic means the air supply is automatically controlled during each combustion phase leading to maximum efficiency and fuel cost savings. This results in up to 90% fewer emissions, clearer view and attractive flames due to complete combustion, it also omits the need for manual control of the air distribution and results in up to 50% less consumption of wood due to hot ember retention and extension of the fuel load time.

Optimum heat storage

Visible stones and ceramics guarantee long heat periods. During the burning period heat is absorbed by the stove or ceramic covers, this heat is stored and allows gradual release for many hours after the stove has died down.

Self cleaning glass

The glass air wash developed by Rika  and registered for patent provides a clear view thanks to optimum air circulation without any manual intervention.

Cast iron door

The solid cast iron door remains air tight and distortion free even at the highest of temperatures, ensuring top air circulation and combustion efficiency.

Rika wood burning stoves

Rika Pellet stoves