Gas As A Heating Fuel.

Have you thought about replacing your old gas stovefor a wood fuelled alternative?

It is very hard to miss all the news articles expressing concern over fossil fuels and their sustainability, which is why more and more people are turning to renewable fuels, more importantly wood.

The extraction and burning of fossil fuels is harmful to the environment and crucially will not last forever. As supplies deplenish the price will rise, something that can be seen already. Wood is the fuel of the future, it is sustainable, renewable and most importantly not harmful to the environment; everything gas and oil isn’t.

Gas As A Heating Fuel.

So why should I choose wood?

Wood is an affordable heating fuel and although prices vary it is still cheaper than oil. More importantly, the market for selling wood as fuel is becoming increasingly competitive resulting in prices reducing.

For some, the fuel savings may be deemed not enough of a reason to switch, however there are a number of financial incentives available such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Renewable Heat Premium Payment aimed at making the switch seem more appealing and rewarding you for using a more sustainable fuel source.

Heating with wood only releases the quantity of CO2 that the tree removed from the atmosphere as it grew. With the burning of crude oil and natural gas, however, CO2 reserves that have been stored for millions of years are released into the atmosphere in great quantities. This CO2 increases what is called the greenhouse effect.

Wood has additional advantages: the burning of wood generates lower sulphur dioxide emissions as compared to heating with fossil fuels. Worried about the disappearing forests? Don’t be, more wood is grown each year than we consume. Opt for renewable resources; choose wood.

The future really is growing all around us!

So why not take a look at our great range of wood biomass stoves and wood biomass boilers. Whether you want to heat a one bedroom house or a factory we have a biomass solution for you.

 Gas As A Heating Fuel.

But I only want some spares for my old gas stove

If you are only after some spare parts for your old oil burning stove we can help. Click the link below that will take you to our spare parts website where we have an abundance of parts to meet your needs.

 Gas As A Heating Fuel.