Hwam Scandinavian Contemporary Wood Stove Range

Hwam wood burning stoves

Hwam represents pure design, uncomplicated and without superfluous ornamentation. The Scandinavian tradition - cultivated to the level of the sublime. A design to surprise - with and without the flames.

But Hwam means much more than just heat from an unusually beautiful piece of furniture. It also means sophisticated wood burning stoves featuring ground breaking technology and a superior finish down to the last detail.

The stoves from HWAM are designed by leading Scandinavian designers,  complemented by our expertise and patented technologies to form a perfect Harmony between design and functionality.

Hwam Scandinavian Contemporary Wood Stove Range

In 2006, HWAM Heat Design AS won the reddot award for the HWAM 3320, designed by Strand + Hvass and in 2002 won the reddot award for the HWAM WALL, designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne & SMT Design.

Autopilot, Automagic

Brilliant solutions often arise from the simplest of ideas and HWAMs patented automatic system is no exception to this rule. It consists of a small spring which automatically regulates the supply of air to the combustion. A strikingly simple, yet ingeniously brilliant function which offers numerous automagic benefits – both for you and for the environment. Automatic Control

The simple and convenient HWAM automatic system means you do not have to worry about manually regulating the air supply. The automatic system optimizes the combustion for you, completely...well, automatically! All you need to do is to light up the stove and enjoy the flames and the heat to the full. When you add more firewood, the system will automatically readjust the stove to achieve the optimum combustion. Figures indicate this can make the stove 40% more efficient and save 17% in fuel.

House Warming

The warmth of a HWAM stove cannot be compared to that Wood silver birchof any other heat source.

Many people believe that it is an intrusive, unpleasant kind of heating, but nothing could be further from the truth. Quite the contrary, it is kind and soft – and furthermore, it is easy to control.

Elegant and simple,  and when the fire no longer warms up your home, a wood burning stove from HWAM stands out as an elegant piece of furniture in its own right. Burn either wood or coal with the cast iron basket

Form and Function, The Designers

Strand + Hvass

“Together with HWAMstrand + Hvass Designers, we create untraditional designs based on the character of the fire and the pyramidal shape of the flames. It is not just about making a functional piece of heating furniture, but also about creating an appealing sculpture in the room with an architectural design which is interesting in itself.”

Aarhus Arkitekterne & SMT Design

Aahus Arkitekterne design

“In HWAM, we have a partner who dares to play along the great lines of imagination and who is willing to go the full length in terms of quality.
At HWAM, the word ‘compromise is an unfamiliar term, which makes them fun to play with.”

Sørig & Jacobsen

Sorig Jacobsen designers“Our development work with HWAM is very much based on the graphical and sculptural design. It is important for the design to be beautiful – whether from a distance or close up. We therefore try to give the stove the characteristics of a fine piece of furniture. The product must be characterized by a finish known from some of the greatest classics in furniture design, and it must offer an aesthetic pleasure throughout.”

Anders C. Fasterholt

Anders C fasterholt designer“To me, the most important thing is the function. I have always said: – Function first, then the design will follow automatically. Designing just for designs sake is not my style – nor HWAM’s for that matter.”

Hwam Wood Burning Stoves Move the Boundaries of Modern Heating.