HDG Wood Log Boilers

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Log Biomass Boilers

Navora split log wood boiler

Wood Central Heating Biomass Boilers

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Those who consider the impact on nature are acting to help future generations.  The increasing number of catastrophes due to storms and floods gives an idea of how expensive a disregard of nature can be to us.

Wood Boiler has Additional Avantages

The burning of wood generates lower sulphur dioxide emissions as compared to heating with fossil fuels.

Wood is transported over shorter distances from domestic woodlands and thus strengthens the regional economy. But don’t worry about disappearing forests; more Split log wood wood is grown each year than we consume. Opt for renewable resources. Choose an HDG split log wood boiler.

Wood is Stored Solar Energy

Heating with a wood boiler is in harmony with nature. This is because central heating with split wood logs, only releases the quantity of CO2 that the tree removed from the atmosphere as it grew.

With the burning of crude oil and natural gas, however, CO2 reserves that have been stored for millions of years are released into the atmosphere in great quantities. This CO2 increases what’s called the greenhouse effect.

The changing of peoples ideas in the UK that split log boilers are sensible is now a reality, with the range of central heating wood log burners brought to you by Euroheat and manufactured by HDG.

Log Biomass BoilersBrought to you by Euroheat, a long established UK company, the HDG range has been a decisive force behind the development of split wood boilers over the last three decades. Our many years of experience is the basis for the famous quality of our products and the key to success with our customers. HDG split wood log biomass boilers offer users the following features:

  • Individually adaptable thermal performance and excellent degree of efficiency.
  • Low emission values.
  • Uncompromising safety engineering.
  • Solid workmanship and durability.
  • Highly efficient operation over the entire useful life.
  • High level of convenience and easy to operate.
  • RHI eligible and Hetas approved

HDG Wood Log Boilers