The Euroheat collection of short films

Movies Welcome to our new range of short films that introduce us, our products and the future of renewable energy and give you a valuable insight into what we do and how we do it.

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Rikatronic4: Automatic control

Rikatronic4: greater convenience at the touch of a button. Rikatronic means the air supply is automatically controlled during each combustion phase leading to maximum efficiency and fuel cost savings. This results in up to 90% fewer emissions, clearer view and attractive flames due to complete combustion and results in up to 50% less consumption of wood due to hot ember retention and extension of the fuel load time.

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Welcome to Euroheat

Welcome to Euroheat: We design, source and distribute only the very highest quality wood burning stoves and biomass boilers, fueled by wood logs, wood chip and wood pellet. We take great pride in our pre-sales design and after sales support for these quality products.

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Introduction to Wood Burning Stoves

Introduction to Wood Burning Stoves: Euroheat introduces it's complete range of wood burning stoves such as Hwam, Rika and Wiking. We have a stove to suit your needs.

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Introduction to Hwam Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves: The Hwam range of stoves by Euroheat explained, including floor standing, wall mounted, plinth mounted and rotating plinth models.

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Introduction to Rika Wood Burning and Pellet Stoves

Wood Burning and Pellet Stoves: The Rika range of stoves by Euroheat are unashamedly contemporary and feature some of the most innovative design features available on the market today.

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Introduction to Biomass from Euroheat

Biomass: An introduction to this exciting renewable energy source from Euroheat, the UK's leading domestic and commercial biomass boiler suppliers.

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