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The best investment on the market: biomass and the domestic RHI!


Biomass – strike while the tariffs are still hot!


Biomass tops the charts in government’s green plans


Training to boost your green credentials!


Key changes to the non-domestic RHI


The government has announced considerable changes to the non-domestic RHI which will see even more businesses benefit from substantial subsidies for the heat they generate. New technologies have been introduced to the scheme, as well as new tariffs, and it’s all good news for the biomass industry!

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Euroheat welcomes domestic RHI


It’s finally here, the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Launched today (9th April 2014), the scheme offers homeowners a return on the investment of installing renewable technologies, helping to offset the cost and in some cases even make money.

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Apply for your RHI training vouchers now!


Training vouchers are now redeemable through Euroheat for those considering a career in biomass! Part of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the training vouchers offer candidates £500 or 75 per cent off the cost of our entry level course designed to give installers the skills to fit biomass boiler appliances.

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The future of stoves is here


Introducing the UK’s most energy efficient stoves, Euroheat’s updated HWAM range. When most people think of wood burning stoves, they think tradition and a ‘rustic’ way to bring heat into a room, at the mercy of fire and its inherent unpredictability. Times have changed: Euroheat’s newest stove range from HWAM feature the latest in biomass technology; Lambda controls, which ensures wood burns at its optimum, helping customers get more out of their fuel and making these wood burners the most efficient on the UK market.

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Train to be a biomass installer


Research published by the Renewable Energy Association (REA)* claims that the ‘green’ market is growing fast. In a membership survey, it was revealed that some 42 per cent of green companies expect to increase employment over the next six to 12 months.

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