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Euroheat Biomass and Wood Burning Stove Case Studies

Get the inside track on how Euroheat solutions can help domestic, commercial and industrial organisations like yours be more efficient, reduce your carbon foot print and generate extra income.

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Euroheat helps historic Croft Castle turn green!

Croft Castle, in Herefordshire, is looking forward to a warmer winter thanks to its newly installed Euroheat HDG biomass boiler which is enabling estate managers to claim in excess of £20k annually in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, while saving over £10k in fuel costs per year! Thanks to the RHI, the system will also have paid for itself in around seven to eight years.

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Biomass Boilers Heat Chicken Farm, Herefordshire

With the rising costs of LPG fuel the owner of a chicken farm in Herefordshire decided to take advantage of the Governments RHI scheme and the chance to go green by choosing a biomass solution from Euroheat.

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Biomass boilers heat Godmersham Park, Kent

Godmersham Park House, an 18th Century Manor House in Kent install two 400kW HDG boilers to update their dated heating system.

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Domestic Biomass boiler Installation, Kent

Euroheat supply an SHT TDA dual fuel biomass boiler to heat a domestic property in Kent.

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Nanteos Mansion Hotel gets new heat from an HDG Biomass boiler

A country House Hotel gets new heat from an HDG Compact 199kW biomas boiler.

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Whitewells Farm Cottages Goes Green with Two Biomas Boilers

With heating bills continuing to rise, the owners of Whitewells Farm Cottages decided that the only way forward was Biomass and a district heating system.

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Wiking Miro 6 with soap stone installation

Stephen and Janice from the Scottish borders always wanted a wood burning stove in their home.

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District Biomass Heating for Smallshaw Farm and Holiday cottages

HDG Compact 200 Biomass boiler Installation at Smallshaw Farm and Holiday Cottages in South Yorkshire

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Penpont Country House, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Euroheat supply an HDG Compact 200 biomass boiler to replace an unrealiable biomass boiler.

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Chicken Farm, Cumbria

Euroheat supply two Size 4 Energy Cabins to heat a chicken farm in Cumbria.

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SHT TDA, Herefordshire

Euroheat supply an SHT TDA Thermodual combined log and pellet boiler to heat a domestic property in Herefordshire.

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