A handy set of online calculators, that will help you calculate the right size stove for your room or convert BTUs to Kilowatts and many more.

Room to kW calculator

Simple room size to KiloWatt calculator, you can enter metres or feet.Please use the calculator below to give you an idea of the suggested stove output size for the room where the stove is to be installed.

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Oil Usage to kW Boiler Size

Simply type in the amount of heating oil you consume in a year, to see what size replacement biomass boiler you need.

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Service Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the cost of a service or maintenance engineer traveling to your location to carry out work.

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Commissioning Cost Calculator

This calculator calculate the cost for commissioning for new installation depending on your distance from Euroheat HQ

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Fabbri Sizing Calculator

This nifty calculator works out which Fabbri model would suit your requirements best based on the size of the area you need to heat.

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Btu to kW converter

Stove boiler outputs are often listed in BTU (British Thermal Units) so it is useful to be able to switch easily between BTU and kW.

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