Euroheat Biomass and Wood Burning Stove Technical Advice

Below is a list of technical advice guides, created to help users understand how to get the very best from their wood burning stove. The information is presented as web pages and as a downloadable Adode pdf document.

Why is a Flue necessary?

The primary function of the flue or chimney is to remove the unpleasant gasses produced by the combustion process away from the stove to be diluted by the atmosphere.However, the flue also performs two other important tasks.

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Summer shutdown of your stove

How many people at the end of the heating season forget all about their stove? Here are some simple things you as the owner can do to prevent damage occurring to the stove when not in use for a long period of time.

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Donít take risks with your wood burning stove installation

Like everything else these days, the internet is awash with cut price stoves (and installers willing to fit these products for next to nothing). This is not an area worth scrimping on however; badly manufactured and installed appliances can be potentially fatal.

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Flue Pipe Temperature Gauge

How to use a Flue thermometer and why on modern stoves they can sometimes be more of a hindrance rather than a benefit.

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Spring and Autumn Syndrome

Stoves utilize the effect of air current within the flue to both exhaust the products of combustion and to induce air into the stove. Normally, because the air within the house is warmer than the outside air the flue is exhausting air from the stove even when it is not operating.

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