About Euroheat

Euroheat is the UK’s leading wood burning stove and biomass heating solution provider, with a high quality product range of meticulously designed stoves for every application and style - and the most efficient wood log, wood pellet and wood chip boiler systems on the market.

Euroheat is a company that believes in investing for the future in every sense, and we are passionate about what we do. Our goal is to continue to develop and launch environmentally friendly, superbly constructed products, combining engineering innovation with superior design.

We’re experts in wood biomass energy and our stoves and boilers have successfully warmed thousands of homes in the UK since our journey began over 20 years ago. We do it with a combination of engineering innovation and superior design that is uniquely Euroheat’s. We are so committed to delivering this quality that we have our own research and development laboratory, where we design and develop new ideas and actively feed these products back to our manufacturers, who in turn incorporate them into the products we sell. We have a national network of approved retailers and installers, who deliver, install and service our stoves and boilers to exacting standards.

We’re proud to be based in rural Herefordshire and have made a firm commitment to the highest standards of environmental practice. All our products are carefully researched, tested and refined - so they need less fuel to give out more heat and minimal amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Since 2006 we have invited people in to the country’s first wood biomass HETAS accredited training centre, so that members of the industry and the public can gain a greater understanding of wood biomass and see for themselves how biomass boilers operate.