Ash Vacuums

ash vac

The problem

To clean a fireplace, built-in wood burner or multifuel stove, using a dustpan and brush is the sure way to fill the whole room with dust. Vacuum cleaners alone are equally unsuitable. With a normal vacuum cleaner the bag or waste compartment is usually too small to hold all the ash, and quickly gets filled up. When clogged up, the pressure drop can move the bag back so that ashes get into the motor. With an upright or bagless cleaner, the pressure is too high, totally blocking the filter with ash, the vacuum cleaner loses power and the cartridge filter is only fit for the bin.

The solution

You can still use your vacuum cleaner by attaching it to the Ash Vac. The container in which the suction effect is created by the your vacuum cleaner or by the motor filtration unit, sucks up the cold ashes through its flexible metal tube. The extremely fine metallic filter retains almost all the ashes and only the finest particles of dust pass through to the vacuum cleaner; for this reason, the vacuum cleaner should always be fitted with its usual paper bag.

How it works

Insert the tube of your vacuum cleaner into the flexible seal in the hole on the Ash vac lid. Turn on your vacuum cleaner, and use the metal tube with its nozzle to vacuum up the cold ash. Most of the ash is trapped inside the Ash Vac container, only the finest dust gets as far as the bag in your vacuum cleaner. As modern vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more powerful, the power control should be turned to the lowest setting.

The Ash Vac can be used to clean fireplaces of all sizes with its large diameter flexible tube (40mm), it can also be used for shavings, sawdust, cleaning barbecues and generally for everything too dirty, too bulky or too wet for the paper bag in your vacuum cleaner. With this in mind, the inside of the container has been coated with an extra anti-corrosion varnish.

Ash Vacuums