Euroheat has now closed

Thank you for all your custom over the last 25 years

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With much sadness, and after 25 years in the industry, Michael Barber-Starkey and Simon Holden have decided that the time has come to retire and close the business.

As we are sure you are aware, market conditions in the solid fuel industry in the UK are very challenging and have been for some time. The on-going reduction and uncertainty of RHI Government funding, the result of the EU referendum and the impact on the value of the pound, as well as an over supplied stove market are just some of the events which have resulted in unprecedented trading conditions, not experienced by us in our 25 year history.

We are proud of the Euroheat business and all that we have achieved over 25 years. Our values of loyalty, honesty, collaboration and responsibility are as strong today as they were when we started. We will work to ensure all our customers and partners are provided with the support you need to manage a smooth transition during this difficult time and the opportunity to grow your market share in the UK. We are working with all our stove manufacturers to ensure the continued supply of their products into the UK and that all warranties will continue to be supported by the relevant manufacturers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us over the years, we have valued our partnership and friendship.

Yours sincerely


Michael Barber-Starkey - Simon Holden - Tom Webb